Living at ΣΑΕ


The current iteration of the house was built in 1997. It is currently the youngest house on the KU campus. There are over 25 living rooms for members. We also provide 4 different sleeping dorms.



Alcohol-Free Policy

Dry house

In the fall of 2012 we voted to go dry and have never looked back. Having a dry chapter facility decreases risk for members and provides a better atmosphere suited towards academic excellence, in addition to making the house one of the cleanest on campus. Our social life continues to thrive by utilizing 3rd party venues.


The Food

Best fed greeks in town

The men of our chapter are fed by Chef Leon and Chef Kenny of Greek House Chefs. Breakfast and Lunch are served every weekday, and dinner is served Monday through Thursday with a large buffet style brunch every other Sunday.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon House Tour