Rich in Tradition and History


Kansas Alpha was recognized as an official chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Kansas on February 14th, 1903. We recently celebrated our 114th anniversary in February of 2017. More than 2,500 men have called themselves members of Kansas Alpha throughout our long history. There have been several places which we have called our home. 



Ohio Street


This is where we began as a colony in 1903. The building we called home no longer sits on the property, but we remember the small beginnings leading to the great tradition of Kansas Alpha.

The First House

The Biggest house on the Hill

Shortly after their founding, Kansas Alpha moved to their current location at 1301 W. Campus Road in 1911. The SAE's were the first fraternity to have a traditional fraternity house at the University of Kansas.


Second Iteration


After a fire in 1974 destroyed much of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, extensive renovations were completed that served to make the house even more beautiful than it was previously. The house remained at its original location of 1301 W. Campus Road.

The Current House


You can find our chapter house at the address of 1301 W. Campus Road, just steps away from the KU campus. The house that the active members live in now is not the original house. The 16 year old house is the newest fraternity house at the University of Kansas.