Terry Wilson Kansas Alpha Leadership Award

Terry Wilson has been an integral supporter of Kansas Alpha as chapter advisor from 1993-2007 and as a board member from 1993-2016. Terry was a member of the active chapter from 1974 to 1977. Terry’s participation has been ever-present and consistent through both good times and bad. He serves as a role model that all Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers should aspire to. Applicants for the Leadership Award must exhibit academic success and contributions both to Kansas Alpha and the larger University of Kansas community.


1. Must be at least be a second-year member (or longer) of Kansas Alpha Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in good standing

2. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 as of preceding Spring semester

3. Live in the chapter house 4. Preference for:

a) Currently holding a position in the house

b) Participation in other university organizations

c) Participation in community service opportunities

d) Previously held a position in the house


1. Completed application

2. Resume

3. Official college transcript sent by the university to:

Zack Holland 3270 S Clermont St Denver, CO 80222 

The PAEF Vice President - Scholarship is Rich Littrell. Any questions can be sent to him via email at Rich.Littrell@gmail.com